Vision & Mission

Founder's Message

Over a 40-year legal career advising industries, I have seen countless companies at every stage of development. One issue has always been on my mind: how can we help Taiwan's corporations transform and “upgrade”?

For over 50 years, the defining image of Taiwan's industries has been the lone businessman, traveling the world lugging a little suitcase to win territories in manufacturing and technology. The companies they built are now mainstays in Taiwan's economy, and wield the most resources and job opportunities. But as industries moved to the west-bound into China and south-bound into southeast Asia, we kept pressing a low-cost advantage rather than upgrading our business, and in the process allowed strong competitors to rise. Meanwhile, emerging technologies are impacting global politics and economics and driving industrial paradigm shifts.

Going forward, past formulas of success will no longer work.

Our industries find themselves in an awkward “in-between” place. In front of us are advanced industries from the US, Europe and Japan, while behind us are enterprises from emerging countries, surging and squeezing us ever harder. If we keep to the old ways, we'll only find a narrower path ahead and, eventually, a dead end. Taiwan companies cannot just hold today's ground. They must look to the future, and to new frontiers.

I believe that for an industry to transform, we must start with mature enterprises. If every mature company develops well, this will drive continued economic growth.

How well a company is managed hinges on the manager's vision, strategy, and execution. As long as they're willing to adjust the way they think, to examine today from the vantage point of “the day after tomorrow”, and to boldly invest in the future, we can all be optimistic about Taiwan's economic prospects. If we can move beyond our past obsession with “competing through cost”, then no matter how the world around us changes, Taiwan will own a piece of the future.

Although the idea of Taiwan Renaissance began with me, a group of industry leaders have come together to build this Platform.

Renaissance is about revitalization. It's been applied to local economies, but industries need it as well. Taiwan’s industries have done very well, and can continue to thrive, but they need a “re-positioning”. We chose the word “Renaissance” deliberately, to convey “rebirth”, as this is the moment for Taiwan's industries to redefine themselves and set out with renewed vigor. And we chose to be a “Platform” because this endeavor needs open space and connectors - to bring companies together, share successes, and find our way forward.

If these ideas resonate with you, join us, share your thoughts, and help our industries find the next frontiers of growth.

Our Vision

Why Renaissance?

We use the word “renaissance” because we want to help Taiwan's industries navigate this period of global disruptions and tech paradigm shifts, invest in “the day after tomorrow” (our way of saying the far future), and achieve an “industrial rebirth”.

We are inspired by Japan's efforts to “revitalize” local economies and communities, though we go a step further to signify “rebirth” with the word renaissance, and to apply it to industries.

Do our industries need a rebirth?

Yes, they do. And they need it now.

In the past decades, Taiwan's business leaders have built robust enterprises that hold key positions in the global manufacturing and technology supply chains. But with tech paradigms shifting, many are facing bottlenecks to their further growth. They can no longer rely on past drivers of growth. They must focus on the future.

How do we do it?

The three elements of local revitalization are “place, economy, and people”. For industrial renaissance, they are “corporation, knowledge, and people”. “People” are the focus of change. That's why we designed TRP as a platform to bring people together - especially leaders of companies large and small - to exchange what they know and shape each other's thinking.
We venture into the frontlines to speak with industry leaders, learn from their experience, and share with others who are on similar paths. At the same time, we provide analyses of corporate innovation, startup investing, and geopolitical and economic trends. We also hold regular online sessions with experts from the world's top innovation hubs, and organize programs to help companies train the next generation of leaders.

Welcome to join us, and let the “future” come to you.

Our Mission

1.Focus on the Future

We venture deep into industries to hold conversations with leaders on the future: what paradigm shifts and disruptions they see coming, what strategies to adopt in response, how to transform, and how to build alliances.

2.Analyze Trends

Through industry visits and surveys, we draw insights into how companies are innovating and investing. Combined with analyses of global trends, we give intelligence fuel to our industry's transformation efforts.

3.Connect with Innovation Hubs

We build connections with the world's best innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley and Israel's startup nation, by holding regular online sessions with prominent experts and Taiwan's corporate leaders. We are also planning overseas visits to key innovation hubs.

4.Train Leaders

We help companies train leaders with the soft and hard skills to manage critical transitions. For instance, we have assembled rosters of industry veterans and domain experts to train corporate executives on how to manage global supply chains, construct partner networks, handle emergencies, and invest in emerging businesses.